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For the last 20 years, Young Actors Theatre (or YAT) has jumpstarted the love of theatre in 10-16 year olds summer after summer. Now under the leadership of my wife and myself, YAT hopes to continue to give our next generation of actors a place to stretch their wings and feel at home.

Co-founded by Kennedy & Wanda Waller in 1995, the very popular YAT offers quality instruction in all aspects of drama and musical theatre, culminating in a live performance of a Broadway musical. Those who participate in YAT will receive practical on-stage experience as well as workshop opportunities in auditioning, theatre games and improvisation, dance, vocal music, and acting during this four-and-a-half week camp based out of McDonogh School. All performances are open to the public. The finale to the camp season includes a trip to Toby’s Dinner Theatre to see a professional production.