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This new musical received a developmental production in 2013 at McDonogh School near Baltimore, MD and was a top 20 finalist in National Alliance for Music Theatre’s (NAMT) prestigious New Works Festival where it was featured in their Songwriter’s Showcase. It is currently in development.

Brown Bradley is a visionary. He believes he can save his floundering hometown by building Superland, a new theme park that attempts to embody and harness the highest ideals of superheroes to attract visitors. It also controversially proclaims the mythical figures are real.  But, not everyone believes Superland is as virtuous as it claims to be.

On its grand opening, Brown is confronted by a desperate local man named William Duncan, who slowly spirals out of control as his efforts to smear and later cripple the park become increasingly hopeless. When everything and everyone Brown loves is brought into grave danger, Brown must live up to his rhetoric, as the town looks on, and question all he believes -- even the most pivotal day of his life when he was mysteriously saved from falling to his death by a caped figure who could fly.

An original story about the extraordinary power of love, family and the faith we have in things we cannot prove, A SUPERHERO asks: What is a superhero... and are they real?

Book, Music and Lyrics by

Jonathan K. Waller

Original Story by Marty Johnson & Jonathan K. Waller

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A 3 1/2 Minute Musical Sneak Peek