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Though there will most likely never be a Waller-scored musical version of this classic children’s book, taking a step into the world of a giant peach was an adventure always worth remembering.

When young orphan James spills a magic bag of crocodile tongues, he finds himself in possession of the world's biggest peach -- a massive fruit that rolls, floats and flies him away to strange and distant lands. But that's not half as odd as the inhabitants James finds living inside its juicy flesh: a talking centipede, a ladybug and a spider who want to help the boy escape his wicked aunts.

Novel by

Roald Dahl

Spec Music and Lyrics by

Jonathan K. Waller

“Where I’d Like to Be” (snippet 2)

Performed by Jonathan K. Waller

Spec Music & Lyrics by Jonathan K. Waller

After losing his parents three years ago, James is forced to move away from the ocean he grew up loving and live with his evil Aunts Spiker and Sponge. James’ adventure begins after mysterious “green things” magically grow a peach and the five insects who inhabit it. With Spiker and Sponge distracted by their attempts to attract paying customers to the unlikely phenomenon, James discovers the fully-grown insects living inside the peach. “Where I’d Like to Be” tells the story of how James and his new friends escape from the evil Aunts. After the proud Centipede chews the stem connecting the peach to the tree, the elderly Old-Green Grasshopper, the timid Earthworm, the motherly Ladybug and Spider, the evil Aunts Spiker and Sponge, the innocent villagers in the town below, and finally the lonely James all reflect on where they would like to be as the giant peach begins rolling down a steep hill to a new destination completely out of their control.

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“Where I’d Like to Be” (snippet 1)