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I’m proud to pour some of my best ideas into capturing the magic that happens at Everyman Theatre. Its mission is to make theatre affordable and accessible to everyone. Its vision is to engage, inspire and transform.

I have the privilege of being the ambassador of Everyman Theatre’s story while I serve as their Director of Marketing — a position I have loved since I began in May 2012. Everyman is a haven of genuine, authentic theatre — the kind one might not expect to find in Baltimore, MD. Nevertheless, surprised to find it or not, it is here for all to enjoy, now in a beautiful new home across from the Hippodrome Theatre just outside the Harbor.

Official Trailer: “The Beaux’ Stratagem”

Edited and Filmed by Jonathan K. Waller

Official Trailer: “The Glass Menagerie”

Edited, Filmed and Scored by Jonathan K. Waller